cot bed with storage white Cot bed with storage white

The cot is designed in white colour with two solid wood sides and two rail side.

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One side with rail will hold a chest of drawers. The Queen Anne legs of the cot are complimenting the traditional taste of furniture. This classy nursery furniture is built to last at least 10 years use. The Jasmin cot bed is compatible with an 80cm x cm mattress.

cot bed with storage white Cot bed with storage white

Baby Cot Bed With Drawers This baby cot bed has three spacious chests of drawers to help you keep the belongings of your baby just right there. The knobs of the drawers are designed in Jasmine flower look.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. No marks when arrived. Over 20 years of experience creating child friendly bunk beds Combining knowledge and expertise, we ensure that each of our bunk-beds is put through a rigorous testing process to guarantee maximum child safety.

As the name of the nursery furniture compliments it. The Baby Changing Area The baby changing area is just right there in the cot to offer you all the comfort.

cot bed with storage white Cot bed with storage white

The Cot Inverted To Bed There is an obvious fact that a couple of years later your baby needs a childrens bed. You have to arrange a bed for your baby. This cot converts into a kids bed and therefore you do not need to look around for a single bed and spend another few hundred pounds for a high quality bed.

From mid-range to high end, sleepover to room share, our bunk beds have been designed to suit every taste and preference. Plus, the simple grey colour and inoffensive design means it'll look just as stylish propped up in your own home as it will during sleepovers in other peoples houses.

This will be a stylish bed with the solid wooden back and two side rail just like a wooden sofa. So, it would not be an ordinary looking bed. The Bedside Cabinet The chest of drawers once fixed with the cot turns into a bedside cabinet.

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  • All you have to do is to remove the chest of drawers from the cot and place it beside the bed. The traditional taste of nursery furniture with the stylish looks. This type of finishing provides a beautiful, consistent and hard wearing finish but does not emit any harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to little lungs. This type of finishing is far superior to painted finishes and is a very important consideration for ensuring healthy growth of sensitive lungs and organs.

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  • The result of UV printing is a bold, vibrant and durable finish which is easy to clean and will not fade or deteriorate when household cleaning products are applied to it. This material has been selected due to its low chemical emission properties.

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  • MDF also allows for a consistent white finish to be applied over the top, many other materials result in a Babios also band all the corners and edges in 2mm PVC, making the unit play safe by softening any sharp edges. Babios provide a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on all furniture. Converts into Bed Rocking Mechanism:



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