cot wedge sleep positioner Cot wedge sleep positioner

What we did was lifted up the crib mattress and put a couple of pillows under the crib mattress to put it at an incline.

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It's doing the same job as the wedges. I wouldn't use a sleep positioner under any circumstance because the AAP and Consumer Reports say not to, as it's a safety hazard. Unfortunately, it's not solving the barfing problems for us, though. R RKelly loribragarnik I have friends whose baby has bad reflux. They bought the Nap Nanny online. Granted, it's pretty expensive, but they swear by it.

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  • According to them, their baby no longer suffered from reflux pain and was actually able to sleep through the night the first night they used it! But I discontinued its use for 2 reasons.

    Wraps should be of lightweight cotton or muslin material, and ensure baby is not overdressed under the wrap. Rather than removing and laundering a fitted wedge sheet, simply use a warm damp cloth or a disinfectant wipe to clean the waterproof surface and remake the crib immediately.

    I didn't realize until it was too late that it is not recommended for use. So, I burp her often during a feeding and sleep her in the boppy for the first 30 minutes after a feeding and then transition to her bassinet. M Momto1boy loribragarnik I have all 3 of them. Dont waste your money honestly. They, combined wont give you enough elevation.

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  • Use pillows or a variety of blankets instead. On my second son's bassinet, we elevated the head part by placing books under the bassinet. He is on medication as well because positional sleeping is not enough to help him. Reflux occurs more when laying down but still can happen in any other position.

    My son was in the hospital for pneumonia recently It is possible that he aspirated while we slept, after a feeding The nurses put several blankets and a pillow under the crib mattress. My son was elevated so high, but he slept great. Best wishes M loribragarnik http: I have one and I'm a firm believer in it!!

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  • I honestly can't say enough great things about this chair. It reclines, sit's up, rocks, stays stationary, vibrates, etc!!!

    cot wedge sleep positioner Cot wedge sleep positioner

    It's great from birth to toddlers! With my son he slept in this anytime anyplace! We took it everywhere with us! This chair saved my life many times and now my daughter sleeps in it!!!



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