cot bed with drawer ikea Cot bed with drawer ikea
At no point we're we ever pressured and every effort was made to accommodate our needs. It was just enough to open the hook from the one side.

More details and statements from the companies featured on the programme about child safety recalls. Creating a safe, comfortable and functional home is the core of our mission. Accidents related to furniture tipping over is a serious home safety issue for the entire home furnishing industry.

Warning label Securing bottom of the bed to the ends. They may be tiny but they grow ridiculously quickly and we found we were very kindly inundated with new clothes and hand-me-downs in bigger sizes by friends and family which I also needed to find space for.

Customers should always feel confident that products bought at IKEA are safe to use. We have no information of any tip over incidents with a properly anchored chest of drawer. This is why we are committed to raising awareness among consumers of the tip over risks and how to prevent them. The recall is based on the local ASTM standard, which is a voluntary standard for the sale of chests of drawers in North America.

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  • IKEA chests of drawers meet all mandatory stability requirements on all markets. Some of the incidents have required medical attention. A third party investigation has shown that the locking mechanism is not reliable, posing a risk for small children, despite approved tests to applicable standards.

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    We want to offer safe products and we believe that children are the most important people in the world. Whenever we are made aware of a possible safety issue with our products, we investigate thoroughly.

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  • We cannot accept that there could be a risk of injury while playing and as an immediate and precautionary action we have decided to recall all PATRULL safety gates. Proof of purchase receipt is not required. For more information, please contact IKEA on We continue with this focus at the heart of our values as a business and do everything to ensure the safety of children using our equipment. Bednest products have been rigorously tested by independent test laboratories prior to release.

    cot bed with drawer ikea Cot bed with drawer ikea

    In both the UK and USA, working with the relevant authorities in each country, corrective action has been taken to modify the design. Pre- November Bednests can be quickly and simply modified in a couple of minutes. Please visit our website at www.

    cot bed with drawer ikea Cot bed with drawer ikea

    Or call our 24 hour modification hotline Any purchaser of a replacement mattress is notified to check that they have a modified Bednest.



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