single cot bed designs Single cot bed designs

Ankita Singgh April 12, When we are all tired after a long day at work or after exploring all the places and attractions of a new city, we can actually visualise ourselves sleeping on our bed.

But do you know the different kind of beds available in the market? There is a diverse range to choose from. They all have different looks, design, feel and comfort level.

Shaker chairs The most famous piece of Shaker furniture! In the 14th century the woodwork became of less importance, generally being entirely covered by hangings of rich materials. His detailed description finally persuades the doubting Penelope that the shipwrecked, aged man is indeed her long-lost husband.

Here, in this article, we will tell you about the different kinds of beds that you can consider buying. Divan bed Used mostly in living rooms, a divan bed has two parts that are joined together using a bracket.

The base of this bed sits directly on the floor, has a cover under which there is ample space that can be used to store seasonal stuff or rugs and durries.

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  • Divan beds are known for their sturdiness and are extremely functional. If you research well before buying one, you can easily get different types of storage options like sliders and drawers.

    Sofa bed Great for small houses, sofa beds are both practical and functional. This multifunctional bed can be easily used as a sofa during the day and stretched out in the night to use as a bed. There are also sofa cum bed that have storage option as well.

    They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs and can be customised as well according to your needs. Bunk Bed Beds that have 2 layers of bed frames lying on top of each other like a train compartment are called bunk beds.

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  • They are great for small rooms as they occupy less area and provide excellent sleeping space. Each layer of this bed is connected with a ladder that helps going up and getting down.

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    Wood is a popular choice for making bunk beds as it makes them durable and sturdy. Cabin bed Cabin beds are popular for rooms that have less space and get cluttered easily. They have a single sleeping bunk on the top that is given ground support through wooden or iron rods. Loft beds are functional, practical and use less space. Trundle bed Just like sofa beds, trundle beds are great for homes that have limited space.

    A trundle bed basically has a bed under a bed. The bed tucked under the main bed can be pulled out when you have unexpected guests and can be used efficiently. They are also known as truckle or hurly beds. Cot bed Beds that have a high boundary around them are called cot beds. To keep your little one entertained, you can decorate this bed with toys and rattles.

    So, if you have a growing kid, bring home a cot bed and give your kid a safe place to sleep and play.

    single cot bed designs Single cot bed designs

    Canopy bed Beds that have four wooden or metallic pillars placed on the corners are called canopy beds. The pillars of this bed are used to carry fabric shades and panels that lend it a dramatic and historical look. They are huge and require a lot of space, thus making them impractical for smaller rooms. The canopy bed was extremely popular during the ancient times and was decorated using luxurious fabrics like silk, chiffon and high-quality net.

    Platform bed Known for their simplicity, platform beds usually have a wooden base made out slats that provide great support to the mattress eliminating the need for a box spring. Look for a platform bed with storage option if the need be. Platform beds do not have any legs. Storage Beds Providing smart storage solution to small homes, storage double bed designs have become extremely popular since houses have started getting smaller.

    They are available in a variety of styles and sizes and offer huge storage space. The space provided can be used to store extra blankets, durries, cushion covers, pillow covers, mattress and more.



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