silver cross notting hill cot bed teething rails Silver cross notting hill cot bed teething rails

The statement full-size cot bed is built for longevity.

silver cross notting hill cot bed teething rails Silver cross notting hill cot bed teething rails

It has three cot base positions and can then be transformed into a lovely toddler bed to grow with your child from birth to toddler. Would you recommend this to other mums? The lovely wood smell is just amazing. Overall I think this product is great! It came with a fitting service to so that was very helpful.

How did this product make your life easier? What changes would you make to this product? I don't think I would change anything. This cot is beautiful and I would think anyone who has this would feel the same. I would definitely recommend this product to other mums, it just oozes luxury and quality. It is very well made and could be used year after year, in fact as it converts into a toddler bed up to the age of 4.

It has 3 adjustable base positions for smaller babies, meaning that you can have your newborn at a higher position, and then move the base down as your baby becomes more active until the base sits at its lowest height. Puncture resistant pneumatic tyres. Visit today to view our large display of furniture and room sets on display.

The three base heights are easily adjusted. It is very easily wiped clean. The comfort factor was clear to be seen - so good I felt like getting in myself. I would be very proud to have this piece of furniture as part of my nursery. The cot is available in beech wood also which may be more suitable depending on colour schemes 3 tier design is very usable and definitely enhances the usability of the product. Very easy to change heights on cot which I unfortuatnely couldn't do on my last cot.

oak effect cot bed

Would you choose this product to win? The cot is very durable and I would imagine in years to come it would look as new. It is very easy to wipe clean.

silver cross notting hill cot bed teething rails Silver cross notting hill cot bed teething rails

It is very robust and strong. It really stands out as a fantastic piece of furniture. I would like to see this product win its category as it is simplistic but brilliant. I love the robustness especially with older brothers and sisters this is a must in our house.

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  • It feels very safe and comfortable for my baby. The cot has to be seen to appreciate the price point. Buying online it may be difficult to convey the quality and luxury of this product.

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  • Design of the cot is fabulous. Robustness of the cot can be seen from the quality block like appearance. The guarantee period of the cot is good for a similar product.

    I loved the finish of the product. It was fitted together by Sliver Cross contractors which was very helpful.

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  • I wouldn't change a thing, it's great in every way.



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