portable cot bed camping Portable cot bed camping

Or you can measure through the mattress. Your bed always be your comfort zone ever, so if your mattress is able to lead you to a coziness, then use the mattress as your size, it just has to be sure you are comforted with it.

portable cot bed camping Portable cot bed camping

On the other hand, if you are not sure to about your bed size, online information will do a result as your references. It would save your time somehow. If you are taller over 6 feet, you support to have bigger and larger canvas.

It comes with a Velcro storage pocket, which can be used to store your keys, small flashlight or phone, for easy access during the night. It comes in the green color with a durable carrying bag that has a shoulder strap for a more convenient transport. Cot legs have the tendency to puncture or tear the floor of a tent hence the need for rubber legs and end caps.

Make sure you have prepared it well. As your 3-way connector with the open connectors is ready, place the frame on, mark down the connector and pipes, use your drill to create some holes through each side connectors. Washers need to be inserted into the holes through carriage bolt, and another washer on bolts then finished through cap nuts.

A little bit complicated but it would assure your cot from shaken and take up easily. You need to have 4 legs or 4 pieces.

portable cot bed camping Portable cot bed camping

The legs are important, it has too strong enough to held you for long without collapsing and interfere your moment. Connect those legs to your frame. Fourth and final step: Cut out the edges then sewing with heavy thread and heavy duty needle.

grey sleigh cot

Triple stitching to secure the seams. Prepare your canvas ready Put on two pipes slightly go through each side of the canvas, make it up a little bit tight since the fabric would easily loosen by times.

After the whole process of complicating stuff, you are almost there.

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  • Basically, your cot is ready to use, but if you ask for nicer and attractive, add on some colors as your favor to your cot; consider light color for more comfortable and close to nature. One more thing before finishing, you need something to store your tools every time assemble and breaks down.

    DIY projects required certain crafting skills, but if you never try whether you are able to work it out or not, you will never know what will be your real ability.

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  • DIY help you from wasting unnecessary money yet still get what you wanted. Plus, you can improve your personal skills as well. Pandaneo focuses on giving you the best advice based on true experiences. We provide quality content daily to keep you updated not only on tips but on the latest gadgets and equipment to use when camping.

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