dog cot bed walmart Dog cot bed walmart

A different plan I saw used screws to screw through the corner pieces into the pvc legs. Seeing that, I thought that pvc glue would be robust enough. Or is there a reason to not permanently fix the legs into the corner pieces?

boori cot bed assembly instructions

I want my dogs to be comfortable but I hate smelly dog beds. I made 2 of them. I had to special order the corner connectors.

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  • I got real lucky and found the mesh fabric for. My dogs love their new beds and I love not having to wash any more smelly beds. Did you make it with a domestic sewing machine? I could see around that price if I got scraps of fabric for free from a place, but I bought "duck" fabric.

    dog cot bed walmart Dog cot bed walmart

    I made it large, really large, so it would fit snugly in the outdoor kennel. Final size of mine is 5' x 3' and 12" legs.

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  • I made it tall because I know he will get his toys under it and stand there and bark at them if he can't get to them. I used "duck" fabric which I am certain will rip out eventually. I had to order my 3 way corners off ebay, found the duck fabric at Walmart. Your instructions were awesome and easy to follow and I really appreciate finding this!! Sturnl 5 years ago Reply Nice job, i am looking for someting like this but then to take on a camping trip so mabey one without the legs!

    This is exactly what Ive been looking for. Alot cheaper then in the store. Lique 6 years ago Reply Thanks for the tute. I found the 3way corner piece Lowes.

    Why is my favorite product not ShippingPass-eligible anymore? Will I get a refund if I cancel my subscription? As well, buyers say that as an outdoor elevated dog bed, this cot is superior to your typical memory foam dog pillow and that it doesn't get destroyed by rain, and bugs and dirt don't collect beneath it.

    Harborseal 6 years ago Reply Also, another way to make a corner which is available where you bought the pipe and might be cheaper in small quantities is to use a T and a 90 degree elbow. The middle opening of the T points down to connect to the leg. A short segment 2. The disadvantage of this is that pressure directly on the short side pipe can flip the bed.

    A T piece with leg reaching to the floor can be added in the middle of the short side to prevent this. That can make the 2 short sides uneven though. Harborseal 6 years ago The lettering comes off with acetone easily, or rubbing alcohol with more effort. Just a note for anyone thinking about changes to the sizes listed--mine is 40" in its longest dimension, and the PVC flexes quite a bit under a 70 lb bulldog mix.

    If you're considering anything much larger, or for a heavier dog, you may need more rigidity in the frame. Since she cant access the legs or the bottom once its in the crate this version is more forgiving for a rookie. Basically its a topper sitting on a folded blanket inside her crate--she luvs it! You can adjust leg length individually by screwing in the riser as needed to level--just cut to fit. I removed the plastic tray that came with the crate.



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