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This will take place at the Marula Farmers Hall. The Flying Eagles Club have organised a sponsored cycle ride. This will be open to all members of the public, no matter what your age.

The idea is, YOU raise sponsorship from friends, relatives, organisations, businesses, for yourself to ride a bicycle to Marula; all proceeds going to the SPCA. Some wonderful prizes have been donated! The start of the cycle ride will be from Southwold Shopping Centre at 7. Registration will commence at 7.

The Vintage and Classic Club of Matabeleland will be doing a run to the hall. Should wish a ride out to Marula in a vintage or classic car please contact Brian Louth on home or A Country Fayre will take place out there.

All sorts of exciting goodies and treats will be on sale. Fresh hotdogs and boerewors rolls etc. Come and have a wonderful day out in the country, and at the same time you will be helping to care for our helpless dumb friends! Please bring your own chairs and tables. If you know of anyone who has not been in contact with me, please ask them to do so, as the support group meeting is coming up in September and we are here to help each and every victim of this terrible crime and hijackings of course.

I will visit the victims well before the support group to give them my individual attention and help. Amazingly enough, this actually is pulling the community together - well done. I want to emphasize yet again - will everyone stop this rumour mongering that goes around.

Do you realise the effects that it actually has on the victims? Sometimes, with the rumours, it becomes more detrimental not only to their health and their family structure, but to the investigation itself.

If you cannot keep quiet, make sure you hear the facts correctly from the victim or someone who does not add on any exaggerated bits to make the story more morbid. Also, please be more tactful towards victims, do not say things like "So why did you not do I would like to remind people, you were not there, so do not try to make out you know what you would have done, every single person reacts differently to the situation at hand.

Over a period of 2 updates, I gave tips on how to secure your home.

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  • Please make note of the following again: Do not have all doors open if you are only in one part of the house. The gang s at present are wanting jewelry, cellphones and money. No rapes have taken place in these attacks according to the Trust's records. They will try to intimidate you with the "action" if they require more money etc, but they are getting more brazen about their actions and I would not like to say it won't happen.

    What does worry me, is that they are keen to shoot and just now someone is going to get murdered by these gangs. I would also like to advise people who belong to a "reaction unit". Note, these companies do not allow their men to come onto the premises if they are aware that the criminals have guns, this is natural, as the reaction units are not allowed guns themselves. Nowadays the reaction units know that every criminal has a weapon, so they will sit outside your property or just up the road until the criminals have left your property.

    For the amount of money you pay each month, I think it is about time people got together and juggled ideas with the security companies on how best they can be protected.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank "Mr Anonymous" for the donation of a wonderful new computer for the Bulawayo office and to those super individuals who donated money towards the Trust. In October, I shall be asking people to assist with a little function, to be held at the end of November or early December, for all those victims of hijackings and house break ins, where we can get together with our families and let our hair down.

    I shall require a venue, drinks and snacks to be organised for free and have the sponsors attend and all who have donated towards the Trust. It will be on a Monday night as nothing seems to be open in Bulawayo on that night.

    The support group is meeting on the 21st September at Please contact me on or email crime mweb. There are TWO outstanding musical events in the next week or so.

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    A sponsored cycle ride will take place to the farmers hall. Many, many good prizes to be won! It will be a "Country Fayre" day out there with stalls selling pickles, cheeses, vegetables, artworks and many many more! Tea and cake will be served for a small charge and hotdogs and boerewors rolls will be on sale, together with beers, wines and softdrinks.

    Bring the family together with your tables and chairs for a super day out in the country. In case there is a shortage of petrol it would appear possible at the moment the SPCA has secured several hundred litres which will be available from Southwold service station on the day. Do the people who service your car lack that personal touch? Have you ever sent your car in to be fixed only to find out later that the problem hasn't even been looked at?

    Do you want someone who can not only service your car, but maintain it as well with out charging the earth? Please contact or for more details. Honest, reliable and good with children. Please contact us on: Active pensioner 62 and very fit looking for employment in the engineering field Qualified Fitter and Turner does not mind in fact prefers to be hands on if required Full or part time or even flexi hours considered Phone P Evans on or my wife on cell no Reliable Driver, Class 4, Nine year's experience as driver.

    Available due to company closing. Nine years as driver for Bulawayo businesses, part time driver for Holy Cross Church. Pethilton Kennels needs a housemaid either to live in or to come to the Kennels three mornings per week. This position will ideally suit a couple with no encumbrances due to the distance from any major town, schools etc.

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  • Previous experience in this type of business which also includes a supermarket is essential. A negotiable package is offered. Please reply with full C. V's to the Advertiser P. Please contact L Campbell on For Sale LG Convection Oven - roasts, bakes, grills, fries, microwaves Demonstration model - still in box with instructions and recipe books.

    If anyone has one they want to sell to please contact me on or or e-mail: Of Botswana will sing and play games. Kindly assist a family looking for 13year old son, Tanaka Ngwena who went missing from his Nketa 9 home, Bulawayo on Sunday, the 10th of August

    I have my own business. I have 2 small dogs. Immediate occupation would be great. I hope that you can help. My contact mail is through tina mweb. Walled with security wire and safeguard alarm system.

    My husband works in Botswana and can arrange other forms of payment if required. Please contact me on telephone Many thanks Rachelle Kalyvakis House for sale in Matsheumhlope: Self-contained one bedroomed cottage. Swimming pool and good borehole on two acre plot.

    cot bed zimbabwe Cot bed zimbabwe

    Secure plot and house has security gates. Please 'phone Debbie on after 4pm, or email debs netconnect.

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  • If anyone has one they want to sell to please contact me on or or e-mail:



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