cot bed luxury Cot bed luxury

Among all of the stuff that baby needs, a mattress could just be the most important one. Did you know that when choosing the right mattress for a baby you should pay the most attention to the firmness and breathability? Mattresses that provide firmness and breathability are much safer for infants. Also, dust mite and water resistance are very important, since a baby needs hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal environment.

cot bed luxury Cot bed luxury

So, according to above-mentioned health and safety standards, we are going to review the Mother Nurture Luxury Spring Cot Bed Mattress. The company offers many different types of mattresses for infants. They have mattresses that are accommodable both for nursery furniture and for the Mosses baskets.

The company is oriented towards promoting the products made of healthy and hypoallergenic materials. The products that you can order from Mother Nurture are safe, tested, and have a pleasant design. They can also be a nice choice for a gift if you are looking for something both aesthetic and useful. It has a firm spring core that provides security and support. Materials used for this mattress make it hypoallergenic and safe sleeping environment.

In some cases we may need to collect the part if its the chassis for example and carry out a repair in our service centre. Is it easy to change from cot to bed? MDF also allows for a consistent white finish to be applied over the top, many other materials result in a Babios also band all the corners and edges in 2mm PVC, making the unit play safe by softening any sharp edges.

The mattress is water and moisture resistant. Since the mattress has high durability, it can be used for a toddler bed, once the baby grows up. The mattress size is x70x10cm. The mattress has Quilted Tape Edging and its spare cover is easy to maintain. Its removable bound cover is washable at 60 degrees Celsius.

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  • The materials used in the mattress make it highly water-resistant, which is one of the most important features of the product. Mattresses that are too soft are not good for the babies. Mother Nurture Luxury Spring Cot Bed Mattress is designed to provide and maintain firmness, chiefly due to its spring core.

    The materials do provide both comfortability and security. But, have in mind that older toddlers may prefer softer mattresses. You can test the product yourself by lightly pressing the middle of the mattress by an open palm of your hand.

    This is important as it can prevent a lack of air supply if a baby lies on its stomach.

    A British company based in Manchester, Izziwotnot prides itself on supplying luxury, high-quality nursery furniture and accessories at affordable prices. Mattresses that provide firmness and breathability are much safer for infants. Cleaning Water resistant and breathable cover High density polyester pad.

    The product is hypoallergenic and moisture resistant, so it offers hygienic environment. Upon the initial unpacking, some airing is advised simply because the product is intended for babies.

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  • You can air a mattress for a day or two, as a prevention, if some chemical smell is noticed. In the combination with adequate maintenance, the product can last for years.

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    The mattress is designed to be durable so that you can use it even when baby grows up to be a toddler. The cost of this mattress is perfect if you want to buy a firm mattress only for the period when your child is an infant, and then want to buy a soft, new one when your child is a toddler.

    Also, if you want to keep this mattress for a longer time, you can count on its durability.

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  • All in all, this mattress fulfils all the health and safety standards for a reasonable price.



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