cot bed ikea uk Cot bed ikea uk

For that reason, we decided to put together a list of our favourite IKEA kids bed hacks! So, your child could either use the little ladder or the slide to get out of bed in the morning.

Instead of a traditional bunk bed, this setup features one bed on the ground and one lofted above a play space. The best part about having a minimalistic castle bunk bed is that you can use accessories to change the theme whenever!

cot bed ikea uk Cot bed ikea uk

If you want to learn about more uses of chalkboard paint, check out this article. You can add storage underneath to create a bit of a play area under the loft bed. When your kid gets older, you could even add a desk underneath to create a teen study zone. Turn Storage into Stairs Does your child prefer stairs over a traditional ladder for a bunk bed?

If so, this IKEA hack is perfect for their room. The height works perfectly! Build Your Kids a Castle If one of your kids is obsessed with princesses or princes, this is the bed hack for you.

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The bed sits underneath a lofted reading spot shaped like a fairytale castle! It also uses an IKEA storage unit as stairs up to the loft. Does your child love a certain Disney princess or even Harry Potter? Theme their castle after their favourite fictional setting to bring some fantasy to their room. For a Frozen-themed room, paint the castle ice blue and paint some ice shards on the wall or the furniture. To theme their bed after Hogwarts, print out pictures of the house crests and glue them to the bed and paint the whole structure brown.

For this hack, perfection in decorating is not needed. To us, it looks like something ripped right from the pages of a Dr.

If you have more than two children or your kids like to host slumber parties, you could add beds under the lofts, too. Even a simple day bed or air mattress could transform this room into the perfect space for a sleepover. When your kids get a bit older, you could add a reading or study area to the lofts and move the beds to the lower level. This one is no different! It involves turning bunk beds into lofts for play space.

These beds have been transformed into looking like little homes lofted over beds where kids can play.

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  • You can paint these lofts to fit any theme your kids love, which makes it perfect for creative kids! If your kid dreams of being a firefighter, why not build them a fire truck bed?

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  • You can transform a simple IKEA bed into a real-life fire truck! In this example, the builder used existing IKEA Malm pieces to create a great loft bed for their kids. Build a Triple Bunk Bed If you have three kids in one room, or if your kids like to host sleepovers often, a triple bunk bed is the way to go. This bunk bed combines three IKEA beds into one bunk bed, making it perfect for a bunch of kids.

    It offers two height settings and when baby becomes a toddler you can pop off the side to make it into a bed. How comfortable is the bedlet? When it comes to choosing a cot bed, forget about price to begin with.

    You could add shelving under the lofted bed to add even more versatility to the space. This triple bunk bed is very similar to the last one, but it really fits into the theme of the room.

    The bed is lofted over two storage units that pull out to reveal shoe racks and clothing storage. When they get older, you can switch out the crib with the bed that was originally in its space. This is perfect if you have more kids than you have space, or if your kids simply love sharing a bedroom!

    cot bed ikea uk Cot bed ikea uk

    Attach a Crib to Your Bed to Help with Cosleeping If you cosleep with your new baby, it can be difficult to fit them into your bed. But, if you have a crib in your home, you can attach it to your bed so that you and your baby each have your own space.

    For all cosleeping parents, this IKEA hack is for you! Have we inspired you to build a special bed for your kids? If we have, you can hire a pro to help build it!

    If you have the furniture assembly part of the project covered but need a pro to help put the rest of it together, hire a carpenter! They can safely loft your beds or add extra bits to it to create a truly special bed.



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