cot bed height extender Cot bed height extender

BTW, it'll be Vol. See my Orangeboard for more: Or even put its hand through the bars and yes a baby could get past that safety device whilst the sliders are moving, little fingers mean BIG tears.

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  • Take it from a Stay at home Dad. Great Instructable, bad idea, Sorry. They are mounted so that the bearing and telescoping sections are on the outside, rather than the inside and I've pinched my own fingers on the telescpoing sections, so I know what you mean. In an early draft, I was planning to use clear plexi on both halves of the rail.

    My wife shot that one down pretty quickly, "no baby of mine is going to be put in a cage! Do you have any ideas for a safer sleeping arrangement where the parent can't lift the child more than 10 to 15 cm off the floor?

    I was thinking that to eliminate any concerns about the baby grabbing the top slider, you could affix a strip of plexi to the top of the railing such that it would be impossible for the child to wrap her hand around the railing.

    Sort of like a shelf attached to the top of the fixed railing.

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  • I thought your wife's cage comment was pretty funny It's got bars and everything! Goodhart 9 years ago Reply Wow.

    cot bed height extender Cot bed height extender

    Very nicely done and a terrific idea. This opens a door for my wife and I she can not have any children, but we would like to adopt or foster.

    The removable wedges firmly attach to a draw sheet with hook and loop strips and the draw sheet is held in place with quick release buckles. We bought another Gulliver crib and got to work. It guarantees stability and safety, both when attached to the parents' bed, as well as used independently.

    I have no intention of wriiting anything up for public consumption there are plenty of resources available, and I am not a big fan of "public confessional" writing , but I'm happy to pass on some of what we dealt with privately.

    Goodhart 9 years ago Reply Well, there is one more hurdle my wife must overcome before we can even consider it, but I will keep that in mind, when and if certain decisions are made. Thanks kelseymh 9 years ago Reply I'm about to jump to a perhaps unwarranted conclusion; if I'm off base, just let me know. If you or your wife has a disability, would you consider contributing thoughts or comments to my forum topic on how you do your projects?

    Or anything else you care to contribute to the Assistive Technology Group? Thanks, and thanks more generally for all of the excellent discussions. Goodhart 9 years ago Reply There are disabilities and then there are perceived disabilities.

    The sad thing is, she and I have similar problems, I have had heart surgery because of it, and am now making major changes in my life style in order to change my condition.

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    I need to convince her to do that same. But I have no control over another, and so it goes on. Sorry to be so ambiguous with this in public, but it does weigh on my mind, and elsewhere ;- Thank you for your suggestions. At this point, I believe that a family counselor would probably be more useful then anything. Good luck in the future.

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