cot bed electric blanket Cot bed electric blanket
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NSW, Australia Total posts: We have one in Kaitys and her room stays nice and warm all night. I wouldnt be putting an electric blanket in his cot. I do agree with you it has been friggen freezing here of late especially in the mornings. Posted Thursday 11 June I dont know about an eletric blanket..

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  • I know whenever I've had one I wake up sweating in the middle of the night. I have never even considered that as an option despite never having heating either.

    It's very cold here too. As cold as you described and for the 15 years prior to living here I lived somewhere even colder.

    The best way to keep warm is thin layers - cotn blankets and sheets are best - which you can add to or take away as the temp drops and rises. I know whenever I've had one I wake up sweating in the middle of the night. Remember to replace your blanket if it has bent wiring, scorch marks, frayed fabric, exposed elements, dampness, worn patches, damaged cords or loose connections.

    If you want to warm his cot up before bed, try using a hot water bottle or wheat bag. But make sure you remove it before he is put in there.

    They can get a tad tetchy with all the putting on and taking off of clothing, so have everything in one place when getting ready for an outing. When using your electric blanket you can now decrease your central heating thermostat so you no longer have to heat the whole house.

    Or try a small upright oil radiater on low in his room. Though I am also too wary to put a heater in the kids rooms.

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  • They are safe for childrens rooms, and give a lovely heat. They can be wall mounted, or free standing. Thermostat controlled, so you set the heat - we have it on 17deg overnight. I'm investing in another for the bub's room soon. Currently she's in with us, but will need a heater in her room. Well worth the money.

    cot bed electric blanket Cot bed electric blanket

    Electric blankets are not supposed to be kept on whilst you sleep - it's not good for your health.



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