cot bed cat net reviews Cot bed cat net reviews

Dadto5 This review is from: It is a cinch to install, it arrived in 7 days and I have peace of mind that my daughter won't fall out of her crib. I had a Crib Tent by Tots in Mind that I used when my older kids were in a crib but it was recalled in This one is made differently and there is no where for the child to become caught like there was in the recalled Crib Tent. This tent is also much taller than the Tots in Mind Crib Tent. My daughter is very tall and was very, very close to climbing out of her crib.

It just means even earlier mornings, extra childproofing, etc. This will help to safely keep my daughter in her crib till she's ready to potty train. Amazon said this would arrive in 6 to 8 weeks and I nearly cancelled my order because I didn't think I had that long before my daughter climbed out of her crib. Because I was desperate. It arrived in 7 days. I'm thrilled and the wife is happy. And you can keep it on the cot right up to when your baby starts to sleep in a bed.

Some users find that the materials inside the bed make a crinkling noise, or that the filling can become unevenly distributed, but just as many had no problems with the bed whatsoever. Made from soft pet-friendly materials, skid-proof base, completely machine-washable and stain-resistant, filled with thick poly fill for comfort, cave-like design for security and warmth Cons:

Your Crib Net is awesome, I love it and thank you so much for the fabulous invention well done. Maleny QLD Australia I love it, since I bought my Cot Tent in , I used it for both of my children, before I gave it to my friend for her first baby and it is still going strong. Now I have just bought a second Cot Tent as a gift for my neighbour so they can keep their cat out of the baby's cot. We all love your Cot Net and are very impressed with it.

My toddler is at the throwing stage and I was worried he would throw his toys etc into the cot and hit the new baby. I am so relieved, now I don't have to worry. It arrived yesterday and I had the best nights sleep in weeks. My 7 month old daughter Sarah got stuck in the crib railings. She has been sleeping in my bed with me since. But she fell out of the bed onto the floor.

A friend told me about your crib safety net, so I ordered one and it arrived yesterday.

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  • Back to normal now thank you. I wanted to let you know how beautiful it looks in the nursery it's very pretty. I just love it thanks. Bidgend Wales Snake in the house Thank you for understanding my urgency in having to have one of your crib nets right away, and allowing me to drive down and pick it up even though it was very early in the morning.

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  • After finding the snake poop in the house I was terrified the snake would eat Jack. So I sat up all night in Jack's nursery to scared to go to sleep. It was very easy to fit which was good because I am not very good at putting things together. We will all sleep better now thank you. We have a cat that thinks the baby's nursery is for him, I have been finding him sleeping in the cot. I have been so worried about this I talked to my friends about what to do to stop him.

    My friends said cats are very territorial and I needed to find a way to keep the cat out of the baby's cot. I am so relieved now I can stop the cat and anything else from getting into the cot. Thank you so very much it's an all-round great product and it looks lovely too. I thought about how I would get my daughter into her crib with this attached while not freaking her out. I decided to tell her that she has her very own castle and it worked!

    She loves her castle and I love knowing that she is safe and no longer tries to get out. Thank you again, I am telling everyone about this amazing invention. The other day I put Matthew down for his afternoon sleep, when I went to check on him he was not in his cot. Now the most terrifying thing about this is we live on a farm with 2 dams, we have cattle and horses.

    I tell you I was hysterical with all sorts of thoughts running through my mind. A girlfriend told me about an aussie cot net that she had seen online that would stop the baby or toddler climbing out of the cot. Wonderful invention your Crib Net is just awesome thanks Michelle and Jeanne.

    Because I have a convertible crib, your crib tent is the only one that works and it works! The baby shower was just lovely the girls thought of everything.

    The cot safety net has solved all of my safety worries now I can put my baby down for a sleep knowing she is safe from so many things including the cats.

    Thanks to my internet savvy Grandmother. Now all my girlfriends are buying them. Yes I had a crib net over the crib and everything, to my horror my baby Max pulled the mosquito net into his crib and got himself all tangled up in it. This was an accident waiting to happen, luckily I went into check on him when I did. LA USA Thank you so much for your honesty First of all, I want to thank you so much for your honesty and the way you are doing business with your customers.

    cot bed cat net reviews Cot bed cat net reviews

    You obviously show much concern for the safety of children and that is more than we can ask. As it turns out, I ordered your net last night. If it is still OK, if it does not work out, can I still return for a refund? The reason why I am concerned is that my daughter is 22 months old and has a strong personality so like you say, it can go either way, she will love it or hate it.

    I would love to try it though. Thanks again for your response and I will definately recommend your product to friends and family. I am sure you know this but most cribs made now are convertible and there are NO crib tents made for that, at least here in the states.

    I actually already started talking it up with her, saying it's her castle and she is the princess. I am so confident that this will work. I am keeping my fingers crossed and again, I thank you for your great customer support.

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    I wish you much luck with this product I will keep you posted! Thank you so much, Michelle, for your professionalism and kindness! Appreciate all your great communication and how you made this so easy. Know you will continue to help and bless many families!

    Ashley Blomquist USA Heartfelt Thanks I have twin girls that just turned 3 years old and about 8 months ago started climbing out of their cribs. The tents sold in the baby superstore were not only unattractive, they were too small for our cribs which convert into full beds.

    cot bed cat net reviews Cot bed cat net reviews

    I was so excited to find your tents on the internet. My girls thought they were so beautiful and immediately thought they were so special sleeping in their own tents! Tehy called them "tadas". They are attractive, roomy and allow them to move freely in their cribs. Your tents have saved my sanity as we have had peaceful naps and nights ever since.

    My girls are truly "double trouble" and can get a little rowdy in their beds and have torn 1 of the tents and you replaced it at no cost!! I am not sure how they did it because I have tried and couldn't make a hole or rip it.

    I was completely amazed at your generosity and it shows how much you believe in your product and how much you care about the safety of children. Your tent has been a lifesaver and your customer service is absolutely second to none!!!



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