cot bed camping Cot bed camping

Not for children under 15 months of age.

cot bed camping Cot bed camping

Here Are The Main Things We Looked At Since most of our suggestions are air mattresses because they really are the best choice on the market, we are mainly going to focus on explaining the features they possess. Support it offers to your body A high-quality mattress should be able to support your body by distributing your body weight evenly and prevent lumps from being formed. This is a quality which is pretty difficult to find and if you do manage to find a model that possess it, it will come at a higher price.

Such model would have a net of air coils that are well distributed and as many as possible. These internal chambers would contribute to the comfort of the mattress and they could count as high as If you are looking for a double bed, it is recommended that you do not even look at the models that are without internal chamber system. This might not be such a bad thing if you are the cuddling type, but if you are not, definitely go with the coils.

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  • Inflation and deflation process If you are looking for a single sized mattress you might manage without a pump. However, anything above that size would greatly require a pump that will take care of the inflation process. If you blow it with your mouth it would take about half hour to get it fully inflated. However, a pump requires that you are camping near an electricity source or at least camp with your vehicle nearby.

    Most pumps come with a car charger, so this is one way to go. The tricky part is that once you manage to inflate the mattress to the desired level of firmness, it should stay that way during the night. However, with air beds, this almost never happens. Over the night, the temperature outside is not constant. In fact, it greatly differs. For this reason, the air inside the mattress is spreading or shrinking depending on the temperature. This causes that the mattress gets more inflated or deflate itself.

    The only way to prevent this is by purchasing a mattress with inflation control system.

    Unlike cots, cot beds don't tend to have them but they are much more practical. For cold weather camping an insulated cot, a sleeping pad or sleeping bag is advised when cot camping. Fabric Strength The cot fabric is an important consideration.

    This system is measuring the pressure inside and it is maintaining the desired level. This way, you are able to sleep on your mattress and not wake up in a hole in the morning. Another thing is that when using an air bed, always make sure that the valves are tightly sealed. This will prevent air leaks and it will decrease the temperature deflation.

    Weight The weight is an important factor to consider if you are not located right next to your vehicle.

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  • A mattress should be light enough so that you could carry it in your backpack for at least an hour without getting too tired from the hike. The size also matters. Instead, it should come at a compact size that you are able to carry with ease. If you have the luxury to sacrifice this factor, you might end up with a cheaper, but a mattress with the same quality. Height Even though the height of a camping mattress is a factor often disregarded, it is sometimes a crucial one.

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    The air acts as an insulation between yourself and the ground underneath you. If you are looking for a mattress that you will be able to use all 4 seasons than it is recommended that you get a higher camping mattress.

    cot bed camping Cot bed camping

    The reason for this is simple. The higher the mattress, the more isolation you have. However, in the winter, this might be the only thing preventing you from catching a cold.

    Higher mattresses are also recommended for older people or people who have physical troubles getting out of the bed.

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