convertible cot bed ikea Convertible cot bed ikea

It has clean simple lines that fit in well with the nursery. Cribs rarely excite me, no matter how much they cost. I had no idea whether Abe would actually USE his crib much at all. Ari loved the crib. So those are all my reasons for buying the crib to start with.

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  • But, of course, at the time, that seemed too impossibly far off to even worry about. But then, somehow, he got bigger.

    However I would be careful with buying extendable beds as on some models you can feel the divide in the mattress where the extra piece has been added on. Some of the other materials are latex, inner broadband and even memory foam.

    Big enough to start trying to pull up on things. So, a few weeks ago, we had to undertake the daunting task of lowering the mattress. I thought I would report back on this process to make my Ikea crib analysis complete.

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    Turns out it was pretty easy. Our minds were so sharp back before we had a fourth kid! We opted not to put them back under there once we lowered the mattress, by the way, lest Abe somehow figure out a way to pry up the mattress while sitting on it and pull the choking hazard tools out from under there. Better safe than sorry. Unscrewed all these little things. And put the bottom back in at the lower position there are only two positions.

    convertible cot bed ikea Convertible cot bed ikea

    This part—fitting the little things into the little thing places—was the hardest part. I would say the whole process took the two of us 20 minutes? With a baby crawling around distracting us. The sad part is that we had to retire the crib skirt I made to match the curtains. I was going to just use heavy duty double sided tape and tape it farther back on the mattress board…but once the board was lowered the gap between it and the side of the crib was too tight to wiggle the fabric through.

    I might have been able to do it had I been willing to spend more time and get more frustrated. I took this picture of it all folded up to commemorate it: So my take on the crib after eight months of use and after the arduous mattress lowering?

    Yep, still good with it.

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