camping cot bed bath and beyond Camping cot bed bath and beyond
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  • Join us for more posts on topics such as packing , potty training , camper trailers , and good gear. Today we are attempting to answer the endless problem of how to sleep your babies in a tent AND keep them warm.

    Check out our friend up in the Canadian Rockies for her insight into the same subject. It was 2 a. And in the end, she screamed and cried. Which… woke up the little brother [age 1].

    He was cold and unhappy.

    camping cot bed bath and beyond Camping cot bed bath and beyond

    But he screamed for nearly two hours before my husband got him to chill out and pass out. What amazes me is how they wake up in the morning energized and ready to go.

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    That is why we are perfecting the art of good camping coffee. Trust me, camping with young kids has its moments. We sort of just figure you have to pay your dues sometimes. Then this post is for you.

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  • Cause I am going to share all the things we learned the-hard-way about keeping those kids warm at night. There are lots of ways to do this…this was just our formula. Sleeping babies in the tent Our kids are older now, and the outdoor market is rapidly changing.

    Fleece pajamas, a fleece beanie, and any extra blankets to finished off the nighttime routine. What I wish we had?

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  • Peapod by Kidco Layering Baby at night Layers are a large part of our secret. Often this was enough from 8pm until 10pm. A cheap down throw blanket from Bed Bath and Beyond. I set it close at hand to lay across the top of any cold kid when temperatures dipped around 4 a.

    Neat product, neat idea, easy to manage just hang it over the shower curtain rod and put it back on! If we can find the receipt now required , we will probably eventually return it when we have time. Kayaking Kayaking the waters west of Yellowstone lets you experience this unspoiled ecosystem as you glide along the pristine lakes and rivers in your own sleek kayak.

    Another option would be the backcountry quilts by Enlightened Equipment. So layer gradually — plan on getting up in the night to add a layer if needed. Looking back, I think it would have been worth it. My kids love sleeping with a sippy cup of water.

    camping cot bed bath and beyond Camping cot bed bath and beyond

    And I noticed camping that a cold cup of water in turn made them cold. So I started putting warm water in them and they kept them warm! Wow, who would have guessed?

    They have my highest recommendation! There are now warm water bottles designed for just this thing.

    There are now warm water bottles designed for just this thing. Crash pads double as great camping pads for kids.

    Either way, make sure your kids have something insulating under them. Thick air mattresses are not warm! This is a warning for mom and dad too! We tried the Black Cat Tent Heater. And check out the products below. Shop through the affiliate links to keep this site up and running.



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