best cot bed for camping Best cot bed for camping
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  • Camping cots also vary from one another and choosing the right one can be daunting. Here are a few features to perhaps make the process a little easier for you: Weight Camping cots are heavier than the sleeping pad and they can certainly become a pain to carry around, but the weight will directly reflect the construction. Children and smaller females might comfortably fit on the pound camping cots, but larger males might need to consider the heavy duty cots that weigh a little more.

    It comes in the green color with a durable carrying bag that has a shoulder strap for a more convenient transport. Similar to the above mentioned portable camping cots, this one is also easy to fold and pack away with its convenient storage bag. Your Guide To Buying a Camping Cot By Sharon Lim While some people like to rough it out when going camping, other people prefer to leave room for the luxuries, such as bringing along a camping cot to make the night more comfortable.

    The weight will directly relate to the type of materials used and give you a better sense of the overall durability. Size Your body size is important and you will definitely need to take this into account when purchasing a camping cot.

    best cot bed for camping Best cot bed for camping

    Not all camping cots are the same and the average size you will find on the market will be for adults 25 inches wide and 75 inches long, but bigger ones are also available. Collapsibility All camping cots can be collapsed and folded into smaller pieces, but some do so more than others.

    Depending on the available space you have when setting out for your camping trip, you will need to look at the collapsibility and how easy it will be to fold the camping cot. Assembling When you finally arrive at your camping destination, nothing can be as irritating as a forgotten tool.

    They are similar to air mattresses. Moreover, it comes with a zippered carry for easier and cleaner storage. If the fabric tears you can always repair or replace it.

    Some camping cots will require basic tools to set up, but these are usually included upon purchase. You should get accustomed with the assembly process to make it easier in the wild. Fabric Depending on your budget, you will be able to choose between various fabrics for your camping cot.

    Nylon and polyester are usually durable and they are quite supportive as well.

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    You should also look at the recommended cleaning process and how you should go about cleaning the cot after use. The spring system will certainly give you an idea of the softness, while the fabric tension will allow you to either sleep on a flat rigid surface or create the comfortable body hole for you to enjoy the night.

    best cot bed for camping Best cot bed for camping

    Benefits of Buying A Camping Cot The camping cot is packed full of amazing benefits for campers and you do have the extra space to carry one with you, it is highly recommended that you do try them out and see how they work for you. Here are a few benefits you might find when using a camping cot: They offer more stability The camping cot is stronger and better constructed than the average sleeping pad and they will not only keep you elevated like a hammock would, but they will allow you to freely move around without the fear of falling.

    Keeps you cool in hot weather Unlike the sleeping bag and the sleeping pad or tarp , the camping cot is designed from fabrics that will not fold around the body. The tougher the fabric tension, the straighter you will be sleeping and this will keep you cooler on those hot summer evenings.

    Keeps you off the ground Even though you might think that you are safe inside your tent, there are still many insects that manage to find their way inside.

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  • Many of them also burrow through the tent material and then get inside. The camping cot will keep you elevated and out of harm's way to ensure that these insects cannot bother you at night.

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  • They offer added storage space It is impossible to stack some added baggage on top of your sleeping pad and still enjoy the night, but with the camping cot, you will have enough space underneath the bed for you to store various things.

    One can never have enough safe storage space when camping and this will significantly increase this for you. Our Top 6 Picks When selecting a sleeping item, you should decide between camping and backpacking and once you have done this, you will find that the camping cot is best-suited for camper and not for minimalist backpackers.



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