cot bed pillow tesco Cot bed pillow tesco

Finley sleeps really well and has never fallen out.

These products have been pulled by some retailers "It is much safer for your baby to be in their cot with just the sheets or blankets, and no extras which could be pulled over their face or cause an accident. Amazon Read More Rogue trader sold toxic fake lipstick online and called it Lady Danger Manufacturers market the products as a safe and comfortable sleep aid.

No more getting cold when the covers fall off. Quite expensive, especially if you require a spare for when washing or if accidents happen. If an accident occurs during the night it's not the easiest and quickest bedding set to change. They are both very lively boys with very different personalities and they are always on the go! We spend most of our days out and about either in the garden, going to parent and toddler groups, visiting friends or going to soft play we are always busy!

Finley has just started pre-school and is enjoying making new friends. We are very excited to be testers for Mumii. He Loved picking out all the different types of transport. Hopefully you can see the design in the photo.

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The set is recommended for age 2 years and up, the bedding set had been designed with zips to keep the duvet in place and help to prevent little children from rolling out of bed.

It also prevents the need to purchase bed guards and is perfect for both children who fall out of bed and those wrigglers who manage to loose their bedding on the floor during the night. It comes in a lovely compact box, with a fitted bottom sheet which attaches extra securely with an elastic holder to the mattress this has a pillowcase sewn onto it and a duvet cover which zips onto the sheet at both sides. Our existing toddler pillow and duvet fitted perfectly As you can see from the photo Finley was very keen to test it all out immediately.

I am looking forward to seeing how Finley gets on without a bed guard.

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  • Not only has Finley wanted to show everyone his new bedding set he has also been sleeping better. I think by having the zips it prevents him from falling out so there is no need for a bed guard, this has made Finley feel very grown up and have a lot more freedom by not feeling enclosed in his bed.

    It has also given me less worry that he is going to fall out. The bedding set washed well but the bottom sheet isn't the easiest to iron or fold up.

    We are going away next month so it will be interesting on how Finley gets on in a normal bed now. Nanny has also brought a Gro bedding set to have at her house.

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  • Our youngest son is also due to come out of his cot so we are going to try the Gro bedding rather than a bed side. I look forward to letting you know how we get on next month. I have added a photo of Finley asleep one night, he would have fallen out if the zips were not there! Sorry for the poor quality October the 21st After a recent holiday we realised how good the Gro to bedding had helped our 3 year old.

    While away he was very unsettled and woke up when the covers came off him. Since coming back he is sleeping much better, and never complains that he's cold.

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  • Our youngest boy 23 months has gone into a cot bed, we tried the Gro bedding with him with the view to buy him a set, but unfortunately he hasn't got on with it. He found it too restricting. He sleeps on his front with his knees up and bottom in the air where as his brother sleeps flat. As he sleeps with his bottom in the air he kept finding on top of the covers, as he moved around the covers tucked under his bottom and he slowly made himself on the top.

    He did fall out of bed a few times, he now has a bed side.

    cot bed pillow tesco Cot bed pillow tesco

    I still highly recommend the Gro bedding and recommend everyone to give it a try but our experience shows that it is not for every child. I just assumed as our oldest responded so well to it that our youngest would do the same. November We have loved reviewing the Gro to bed from the Gro company and it's something we certainly couldn't live without now.

    I am looking forward to seeing how Finley gets on without a bed guard. How to reduce the risks according to the NHS website: The baby sleeper Image:

    We now have three sets one for our other son and a spare for when one is in the wash. They wash well and still feel like new and the colours are still bright.

    Our two year old still finds it too restricting so still has a bed side but I'm hoping he will be able to use it soon.

    I can not find anything negative I can say about it. Finley has had better night sleeps and it's nice to know that he won't get cold because he kicked off the bedding.



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