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  • And I'm sure it was only a couple of days ago. Sounds like you're all as knackered as me though! This week has nearly finished me off at work - must start taking it a bit easier! Paula - you've made me really jealous with your 4D scan as I've been quite tempted this week.

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    But DH reminds me what other things we have to spend our money on now so I guess we won't be having one. Your maternity pay deal sounds excellent. Where did you get your maternity jeans from that you like?

    john lewis cot bed cat net John lewis cot bed cat net

    I now have 3 pairs and none of them are quite right. I have the builders bum pair like you, the pair that feel like a corset and another which aren't really comfortable to sit in. I would really like some that I am comfy in but daren't buy any more - they're so expensive - unless they're going to be right. And am losing the energy for trying any more on as I'm getting the feeling I'll never find any I like.

    Claire - Xmas shoppin already? You're a shopaholic girl! We never do any until after DH's birthday which is 14th Nov.

    john lewis cot bed cat net John lewis cot bed cat net

    I might start pretty soon after that though as I guess in Dec I'll not have any energy. I can sympathise with you about sleeping on tummy - I miss it too. There is a cushion thing you can get that lets you do that it's got a hole in but it's a zillion squid and I can't quite justify it. Or maybe it's not for sleeping in - just for relaxing on - not sure.

    I've definitely seen something.

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  • Am quite tempted to go for one of those massages at a place that has a belly hole in their table - maybe next month when I really need a treat. Doriver - what were u doin on TV then?

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  • Are you a secret celebrity? I think they're quite surprised when I say baby is not due till the New Year. Ang - good to hear from you don't worry about rambling - that's what we're here for and it's a worry for you i know and we want to know about it. I'm sure as others have said, if it was really serious you'd have a quicker response from them.

    Eve - I found the same as you about the holiday seeming an age away - mine did after only a week! Good luck with your nursery shopping - have fun. Just to join in on the weight gain discussion - I've put on 1.

    This toy was sold in Mothercare stores and on the Mothercare website from June to April I don't know, as you seem to be igno- rant of her name. Makers, Cardiff A Penarth.

    Tomorrow I have lots of painting to do and we're going to look at carpets.



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