newborn baby cot Newborn baby cot
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October 18, Review: Sleepyhead Deluxe Portable Baby Bed This review is well overdue, because the Sleepyhead is, I think, my most-used piece of baby equipment so far. I have used it multiple times a day, almost every day since we came home from the hospital. And never has something been recommended to me so many times, by so many different people.

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  • And so here we are, better late than never — the wondrousness that is the Sleepyhead. It has a flattish bottom section with a firm bumper around the edge that cocoons the baby.

    Now it could have been that the baby would have started to be more settled anyway, but the difference in sleep was almost instant.

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  • Below you can see the Sleepyhead placed inside the Snuzpod bedside crib with its side down. There have been a few days that we have gone without, and Angelica has been absolutely fine — random nights sleeping in the Uppababy Vista which has been approved for overnight sleeping and others in larger cots — but we always seem to return to the Sleepyhead and its cocooning charms.

    Cribs can be used up to six months , so they're better value than a Moses basket. So much of everything that happens when a baby is born is cleverly designed by nature. Be sure to remove any soft toys from the cot before each sleep period.

    Seems to help tiny babies settle more readily, perhaps because they feel more secure. Is brilliantly portable, so amazing if you travel about a lot. Or even at weekends. I can imagine it would therefore very easily fit inside the larger Chicco bedside crib, which is also popular.

    The spare covers are also pricey and you really need at least one spare.

    newborn baby cot Newborn baby cot

    To that, I say: And, as many have said online, what price can you put on sleep? I must remember to email and ask about that.

    newborn baby cot Newborn baby cot

    Has anyone else used the Sleepyhead? What did you think? At what baby age did you stop using it? And who has gone on to use the larger one?

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  • You can find the Sleepyhead on Amazon here — free next-day delivery if you have Prime. After an hour I came into the bedroom and the baby had rolled backwards into a ball in the corner of the cot and was crying!

    When she had her second boy, Ilmari, Vayrynen opted for the cash grant instead of the box and just re-used the clothes worn by her first, Aarni. Never use a bumper or padded sides with the Huddle as they may cause a suffocation risk.

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