mini baby cot Mini baby cot
The wheels also lock for both safety and convenience. It is common to place a waterproof membrane between the mattress and the bedding to prevent uncontained bed wetting from damaging the mattress.

No two ways about it. I give you the moKee Mini Cot! When I was sent an introductory email about the moKee , I fell over myself to ask for sample.

So how do they do it? Well the concept is simple. They sell direct to the consumer so cut out wholesalers and retailers to offer you a cot at barely over cost price.

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  • Because unless big nationwide deals are cut with Mothercare and the like, furniture makers struggle. By selling a great product at an affordable price, they win consumers over and grow organically by word of mouth. So what do you get? Not only this but you get all the regular features of a cotbed. As good in the flesh?

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    I love my moKee cot. As it currently lives in our bedroom, the smaller size works perfectly and the muted colours fit in with our decor.

    The mattress is height adjustable, an essential cot feature when your little one starts to roll and pull themselves up to sitting! The base has adjustable height position which makes it easier to lift your baby, before lowering it as soon as they become more moveable. This small crib has wheels so that parents can easily roll it around, but when the wheels are removed, it has a great rocking feature to let you rock your baby to sleep.

    The mattress is also nice and plump at 9cm. It has a silky finish and the cover is easy to remove and is machine washable for any little accidents!

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  • An aloe-vera infusion also makes it naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic too. Having popped a very sleepy Dexter in to take the above photos, I can testify he had a very comfy nap in it this afternoon.

    mini baby cot Mini baby cot

    I really am thrilled with my moKee and will be banging on about it for a long time to come. Well done moKee — seriously impressed. I simply cannot believe they are offering such a great product at such an affordable price.

    mini baby cot Mini baby cot



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