baby cot with adjustable side Baby cot with adjustable side

Although they typically come in a standard rectangular shape, cribs are available in a number of different styles and can differ widely in price depending on the materials used in their construction.

baby cot with adjustable side Baby cot with adjustable side

Most baby cribs are made of wood, but the quality of wood can range from the softer, more porous woods like pine, to more durable hardwoods like oak, ash, maple, and other imported woods. Parents shopping for a new crib are also likely to encounter a huge selection of colors and finishes, from pure whites and natural wood colors to a whole range of deeper wood stains, including lighter maple and cherry stains to the much darker mahoganies.

Regardless of the color you select, the finish should be nontoxic and should not be prone to chipping or peeling. Some cribs can be purchased as part of a furniture suite, which can include matching chests, dressing tables, and armoires.

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  • While this may be an attractive option for parents who want to have a completely coordinated set of nursery furniture, these matching suites can be expensive. Some cribs are equipped with built-in storage drawers, a convenient feature that raises the overall price. So learn as much as you can about the different components and the required safety features, and then try to find the best possible crib that fits your budget.

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  • In addition to three basic crib types, there are a number of different options and features to consider. Here is a breakdown of what to look for when you start shopping: The most common style of crib, standard cribs usually have either one or two drop sides—a side of the crib that can be easily lowered and raised so that you can place baby inside without waking or disturbing her.

    Double drop sides offer more versatility for caretakers, while single drop sides tend to be more stable.

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    A stylish alternative to a standard crib, canopy cribs come equipped with a large post at each corner, with a metal frame over the top to secure a fabric canopy. Canopies are often available in a variety of styles and colors that can be matched up with the rest of your nursery furniture and accessories. Along with saving you money over time, these adjustable cribs can also make the move from a crib to a bed a little less stressful for your child by making the transition in stages.

    While some are small little cots that can be placed on the bed with you, perhaps between you and your partner, the best ones, and the ones which are featured in our reviews, stand next to the bed like a typical bassinette but which have one side that can be lowered and attached to your bed. Just wish more people would take responsibility for their own lives rather than depend on the government to give them what they didn't earn or deserve!!!! Having a fourth-wall attachment is very useful for using the cot as a day bed for your baby and travelling with it.

    As your bouncing baby grows into a bouncing toddler and discovers the joys of jumping in his crib, it will be tested, repeatedly, for strength.

    Attaching to the mattress height clips located at each corner of the crib, the mattress support is a metal frame that is designed to withstand all the abuse your child may dish out. Holding up the mattress support at each corner of the crib, multiple mattress height adjustments allow you to raise or lower the height of the mattress, a versatile feature that becomes increasingly important as your child grows larger and inevitably tries to climb out of the crib.

    The release mechanism is a very important component of a crib and performs a dual role: Regardless of the configuration, a release mechanism should always be childproof. Teething rails are usually installed by the manufacturer, but they can also be purchased separately in inch sections and attached at home. Available in either plastic or metal, rolling casters should come with a locking mechanism.

    The ability to lock down the wheels will become more important as your baby approaches toddlerhood and begins to stand upright while holding onto things—including the side of the crib. The crib you select should always meet all current national safety standards.

    Many older cribs do not meet all current safety standards. You should not purchase an old crib at a garage sale or accept a hand-me-down as a gift. Infants should always sleep in a crib which meets current federal and ASTM standards. Never place infants to sleep on pillows, sofa cushions, adult beds, waterbeds, beanbags, or any other surface not specifically designed for sleeping infants.

    Remember to always keep the drop side up when baby is in the crib. Remove pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, pillow-like stuffed toys, and other pillow-like products from the crib.

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  • Never place your crib near windows, draperies, blinds, or wall-mounted decorative accessories with long cords. Select bumper pads that fit around the entire crib and tie or snap securely into place. Use bumper pads only until the child can pull up to a standing position.

    Then remove them so baby cannot use the pads to climb out of the crib. Mobiles should also be removed when baby can stand up. Make sure there are no missing, loose, broken, or improperly installed screws, brackets, or other hardware on the crib or mattress support. Crib slats or spindles should be spaced no more than 2. Never use a crib with corner posts over 0. Babies can strangle if their clothes become caught on corner posts. These should be unscrewed or sawed off and the remaining end panels sanded smooth.

    There should be no cracked or peeling paint. There should be no splinters or rough edges.



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